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Dental Sealants

For many people, cavity prevention isn't as simple as routine brushing and flossing. Deep pits and grooves in back teeth can trap food and bacteria, which ultimately leads to cavities. Children, for instance, often have difficulty brushing their molars. For children and cavity-prone adults, our doctors often recommends dental sealants as a simple, effective way to prevent cavities from forming.

Dental sealants are a thin, plastic film that protects the surface of teeth. Sealants create a physical barrier between teeth and cavity-causing bacteria. Dr. Beck or Dr. Hart can coat your teeth with dental sealants during your regular hygiene visit. Once placed, dental sealants last up to ten years.

The American Dental Association recognizes dental sealants as a key factor in cavity prevention. This simple treatment will protect your teeth from decay and save you from extensive dental work in the future.

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