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Dental Inlays & Onlays from Your Columbia Dentist

What if you have a tooth with a cavity that is too big for repair by just a filling but not really severe enough to require a crown? In this case, one of the dentists at Beck Dental Care may recommend an inlay or an onlay. Also called indirect fillings, these tooth restorations are manufactured in a dental lab much like a crown; a filling is molded into your tooth during your dental appointment. Because they are made in a lab, inlays and onlays are extremely strong and offer the additional advantage of being aesthetically favorable in your mouth.

The difference between an inlay and an onlay lies in the physical attributes of your tooth—specifically a molar, which is where the great majority of these tooth restorations are placed. The biting surface of your molars have cusps, which are those visible ridges. An inlay is placed within the confines of the cusps, while an onlay extends over one or more of your tooth’s cusps. Whether the dentist Columbia, TN, trusts chooses an inlay or onlay to repair your tooth will depend on the extent of damage.

Because inlays and onlays are manufactured in a lab, placing one of these necessitates two appointments at Beck Dental Care. At your first appointment, we’ll anesthetize the area and then use the appropriate dental drill to remove tooth decay and debris or an old filling if one of these needs to be replaced. Once the tooth is cleaned, we’ll take a dental impression that will be sent to our dental lab where a skilled ceramist will custom craft your custom inlay or onlay. In most cases, tooth-colored porcelain or ceramic will be used, so your restoration matches the color of your other teeth. While the lab fabricates the inlay or onlay, we’ll place a temporary over your prepared tooth.

At the second appointment when your permanent inlay or onlay is ready, we’ll remove the temporary and place the permanent. If necessary, we’ll polish the edges of your restoration for a seamless fit. And because your inlay or onlay is made of porcelain or ceramic, it is not likely to stain or discolor. Moreover, placing inlays and onlays preserves more of your original tooth structure than a crown, so the final restoration is strong and long-lasting.

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