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Digital X-Rays in Columbia

As your trusted dentists, Dr. Beck and Dr. Hart never want your dental care to feel like a mystery. Instead, we want you to be fully aware when it comes to your oral health -- and that’s why Beck Dental Care is proud to have invested in digital radiography in Columbia. It’s a new way of looking into your mouth that allows us to involve the most important person in the process: you, our patient. And what’s more? Digital radiography also reduces the amount of radiation you’re exposed to, while also giving us a more accurate picture than traditional x-rays allow. That’s what we call a win-win-win.

Radiography Goes Digital at Beck Dental Care

Digital x-rays have completely changed the way we look into your mouth, and it’s definitely for the better. The method provides a number of benefits compared to traditional radiography.


Traditional X-Rays                                                                  Digital X-Rays

Developed in a darkroom with chemicals                   Images are digital and ready instantly

A special light board was needed to view x-rays       Images are viewable on a chairside monitor

X-rays required special filing systems for storage     Images are stored digitally

Significant radiation exposure to patients                   Absolutely no radiation exposure

Couldn’t reach certain areas, blocked others             Provide a comprehensive view of the mouth


There’s no doubt about it: digital x-rays offer far more advantages over the traditional method. In addition to these significant plusses, digital images are also easy to copy or transfer for referrals or for insurance purposes. We’ll just click “send.”

Reduced Radiation, Worry-Free Dentistry

The safety of traditional radiography has been approved for use, but many patients are increasingly concerned about the risk of radiation exposure related to traditional x-rays. The team at Beck Dental Care understands this worry. Fortunately, digital x-rays expose you to absolutely zero radiation, for dentistry you don’t have to stress about.

Involving You In Your Dental Treatment

Many people fear the dentist, and this dental phobia can range from mild to severe. Too often, the worry is caused by a simple lack of information. You can’t typically see what’s going on in your mouth, which makes it difficult to understand necessary procedures -- and this lack of information makes it easy for the imagination to run away, picturing the worst. Fortunately, digital x-rays allow us to involve you in the treatment process. We can show you what’s going on in your mouth, so you can ask as many questions as you want to become fully informed in your dental health. When we remove the mystery surrounding your dental treatment, we think you’ll find visiting the dentist becomes a lot easier.

Trust the Team that Trusts Digital X-Rays in Columbia

Choosing a dentist that has invested in digital radiography is also an indicator that you’re visiting a team that’s committed to using the latest, state-of-the-art technology to offer you all the best in today’s dentistry. That’s Dr. Beck, Dr. Hart and the whole team at Beck Dental Care! Contact us to schedule an appointment and benefit from modern care today. 

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