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Teeth Whitening Treatment

If it were up to us, your teeth would never discolor and stay white forever. Unfortunately, that doesn’t happen. Diet, age, medications, genetics and other factors are responsible for discoloration. That’s why we offer state-of-the-art take-home teeth whitening kits. This latest teeth whitening system works fast and you can sometimes see results that last indefinitely. Many dental professionals believe take-home trays can be more successful than traditional in-office bleaching.

If you’re on the fence about take-home whitening treatment, consider the following advantages first:

  • Long-term results: patients with very dark-stained teeth are advised to continue home bleaching over a period of months.
  • Convenience: You can whiten any time of the day or night in the comfort of your own home.
  • Portability: Take it with you on the go whether you’re at the grocery store, office or on the beach!
  • Cost: Take-home treatment is considerably less costly as compared to in-office whitening, which can cost an average of $650.

Take-home whitening treatment has taken the dental industry by storm and we want you to see how this cosmetic therapy can benefit you. Take your smile to the next level using our take-home whitening kits and start seeing the results you want.

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