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General Dentistry and Preventive Care for Columbia, TN

As your general and family dentists, Dr. Beck and Dr. Hart will address to your dental experiences, concerns, and goals. They will be happy to answer your questions and explain treatment options, because they want you to understand the importance of good oral health. In addition, Our dentists, our hygienists, and assistants will consult you on the best products and practices to maintain optimal oral health between dental visits. With regular checkups and cleanings, you can avoid many dental problems that would otherwise arise later in life.

At your checkup, we will thoroughly examine your soft tissues for signs of oral cancer and gum disease. Every tooth in your smile will undergo an inspection as well, and we'll note problem areas. We may also take X-rays and photos. With this information, our doctors will develop a comprehensive treatment plan to optimize your oral health, which will, in turn, improve your potential for overall good health. Your professional hygiene visit will include a thorough cleaning of your teeth, and we'll let you know if you need to take special measures against gum disease or visit us for periodontal therapy.

We recommend that children visit our doctors by the age of three, or sooner if you have cause for concern. Bring your children to your checkup to familiarize them with the sights and sounds of dental care before their first visit, if you'd like. As your general and family dentist, our doctors enjoy helping children establish a solid foundation for a lifetime of oral health. He may recommend dental sealants to protect young teeth from sugars that cause tooth decay. Our hygienists take pleasure in educating patients of all ages on proper home hygiene techniques.

More than 20 years of experience as general and family dentists give our doctors the ability to correct dental problems that range from filling cavities and treating periodontal disease to replacing missing teeth with dental implants.

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