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What can I guys are awesome!

- Deb J.

I love this dental office and staff. The best office I have ever been to and I have spent many hours of my life in a dental chair.

Debra M.

When I first started practicing I was amazed to discover how many people were afraid and embarrassed to go to the dentist. They would come to my practice trembling or teary-eyed, with their hearts pounding in their chests like a drum. After sitting down with countless patients all experiencing the same symptoms, I recognized that something needed to be done to help them. I began to develop methods and techniques that could be used to treat these patients.

- Michael D. Silverman, DMD, DDOCS, President DOCS

My husband and I have been your patients for over three years and have numerous dental experiences due to the fact that we have relocated 13 times over the past 34 years. Your staff have always been professional, friendly and courteous. I recommend your practice to everyone I know.  I feel I am important when I walk through your doors. Thank you.


My confidence is up, I feel good about myself, and I've fallen in love with the dental team.

I hope that I'm sharing this with somebody younger than me. I wish I had done this years sooner. Your own teeth are wonderful things. Try to keep as many of them as you can with Sedation Dentistry.

- Chris

My new smile has received so many glowing compliments.

- Gwen

I couldn't have done it without Sedation Dentistry. I was embarrassed to smile. I couldn't chew my food. I was afraid. Now I am smiling, eating what I want and have my confidence back again.

- Pat

Because the dentist and his staff were so understanding and non-judgmental, I was very comfortable and excited to have the necessary work to fix my problems. Everything was so easy. I was helped with every step from making financial arrangements to setting up my appointments and healing after sedation. It was very refreshing to have people that understood around me instead of being looked down on and lectured. It was even done in two visits! I was amazed at the lack of pain after we were finished and could not believe that I was able to go out and shoot pool hours after my appointments.

I thank you for everything you have done for me. I am now able to smile without embarrassment and am not so afraid of meeting new people. You and your staff have raised my confidence level immensely and I can not thank you enough for that.

- D. R.

This has meant that I no longer had to have that dread of knowing that I had problems in my mouth that I just could not bring myself to deal with. At some point in my life I developed a tremendous fear of going to the dentist... I didn't want my teeth touched, my heart raced at the though of it and time after time...the sensible person in me would make dental appointments and then back out before it was time to go.

I had cavities, my teeth hurt and I actually started eating and chewing differently as well as drinking through straws to avoid the pain that I felt when certain teeth made contact with hot and cold food or drinks. Oral conscious sedation provided me with the security that I needed to get me in the office and get my problems taken care of. I was absolutely embarrassed to talk to anyone about my dental fear before...thinking that I had a unique fear; however, I know now that I am not unique in that respect and have seen the benefits of oral sedation for my husband as well. His problems were much more advanced than mine and he knew he had many dental visits ahead to correct them, but after a few sessions while using oral sedation, he was able to have a multitude of problems fixed and is now on the right track to maintaining healthier teeth.

- K.T.

I just wanted to take the time to let you know how very happy I am with all of you. It is so nice to come into a place of business and be treated with warmth and caring. The effort you make to extend a warm welcome is truly appreciated. I have always hated going to the dentist as I am very phobic. However, 2 weeks ago when I came in to have a concern of mine checked, I actually fell asleep in the dental chair while waiting! And without the benefit of medication! For me that is really a big deal as I usually white knuckle it from the time I walk in until the time I walk out. That I fell asleep says a lot as to my trust factor with all of you and the comfort level I feel when I'm in your office. Thank you!

If everyone were as kind and concerned as you, there would be no dental phobics. You truly deliver what you promise!

- P.Z.

The only reason I move forward and even considered having imperative dental work completed was because of oral sedation. My fear of dentistry caused me to allow enough damage to my teeth that I lost two and was headed towards even more problems with remaining teeth. My ability to have dental work completed without fear impacted my family as well. I was so pleased with my experience that my teenaged son was no longer resistant to receiving care even though he needed only x-rays and cleaning. The use of oral conscious sedation has proved valuable to me and obviously has impact beyond its direct usage as well!

I had not been to the dentist in probably 15 years and I was in need of extended dental work. I heard a radio advertisement about the sedation dentistry and I started considering that could be an option for me. I visited the web page and sent an e-mail requesting an appointment. I was called within a couple of days and my consultation appointment was scheduled. They were very friendly with the exam and x-rays telling me everything that was being done. The doctor introduced himself to me and he completed the exam and then we sat down and went over everything that needed to be done. The total price was given to me so I could decide if I needed to go through any of the loan programs. On the day of my appointment, I took a pill an hour before my arrival time and, by the time I got to Dentist, I was feeling totally relaxed. I had no hesitation or nervousness. I have a few memories of my appointment on that day, but none of it is associated with pain. I had no pain the next day. My fear of the dentist has subsided because I know that I can have pain-free dental procedures, if necessary.

- S.S.

After hearing a radio commercial it took me a couple of months to work up the courage to dial the phone. I've had only one dentist in my entire life that I could visit without severe anxiety attacks prior to my visits, and I had moved away from him. So, after more than ten years without seeing a dentist, my teeth were in pretty bad shape. I realized, though, that the only way to rid myself of the bad breath, the horrible look of my teeth, and the constant discomfort was to visit a dentist. The ad for sedation dentistry sounded interesting and I did some research on the internet. On my first visit, the dentist made me feel very comfortable (even through the tears I was shedding!) He assured me that he worked for me, and would only do work that I agreed to, and would make me as comfortable as possible. He has been true to his word ever since, and I finally have teeth that are not causing me pain or anxiety. The entire office staff is so kind and caring, they make the visits comfortable for me. I have chosen to continue to drive the 45 minutes to visit the dentist because I think he's the best dentist I've ever been to. I can't say enough about not only sedation dentistry, but also the dentist. He has restored my confidence in dentists to the point that I think I could probably have most dental procedures without sedation; but, I'm not going to try that because I'm so pleased with the sedation procedure!

- N.D.

Like many other people I grew up not going to the dentist. When I did go it seemed to be the worst experience imaginable. For 20 years I didn't go to the dentist. I ended up with a mouth full of cavities and swollen raw gums. Eating, talking, and of course smiling were difficult. The worse my teeth got, the softer the food I would eat. My speech was altered by broken and missing teeth. Smiling was just out of the question. I had pain everyday that never went away. My confidence in myself was gone. My pain, embarrassment, and discouragement affected me both at home and at work.

Like many other people I grew up not going to the dentist. When I did go it seemed to be the worst experience imaginable. For 20 years I didn't go to the dentist. I ended up with a mouth full of cavities and swollen raw gums. Eating, talking, and of course smiling were difficult. The worse my teeth got, the softer the food I would eat. My speech was altered by broken and missing teeth. Smiling was just out of the question. I had pain everyday that never went away. My confidence in myself was gone. My pain, embarrassment, and discouragement affected me both at home and at work.

One day I decided that enough was enough. I needed help, but I didn't know where to go. One evening I was on the internet and I found a very neat and informative website. There was a lot of information but the thing that really caught me was sedation dentistry. What is that? Sedation dentistry is just like it sounds. Take a snooze while the dentist works on your teeth. I sent an email to the address provided and asked if they could help me. I got a reply the next day from the dentist and his wife. They offered me a tour of their facility. I took them up on it. Let me tell you, everyone is so nice and understanding. The atmosphere is very comfortable.

Well, I decided to go for it. The dentist explained about sedation dentistry. I went in for x-rays and evaluation of my teeth. I was nervous so they gave me something to calm me down. My next appointment was the big one. I was going to have a lot of work done. We were going to do all of it in one eight hour day. Yea, me in a dentist chair for eight hours. Who would believe that? Not me. Well, let me tell you. I went to the appointment, I sat there for eight hours and the best part, I don't remember a thing. I had teeth filled, pulled, and crowned. If you were to ask how it was, I can't tell you. I don't remember. I had to go back for a deep cleaning and I went with the sedation again. I don't remember that appointment either. Sedation dentistry is just wonderful.Now, I can smile and laugh. I have my confidence back and life is just so much better. So, I must say Thank You to the dentist and the staff. Thank You for introducing me to sedation dentistry and for making me feel at home in your office. Life is good, now.

- B.B.

My family has a history of problems with their teeth. Throughout my life I have also had several bad experiences with going to the dentist. This caused me to be afraid. My life changed in many ways since I had my first phase of sedation dentistry. My teeth look a lot better, and I feel a lot better about myself.

- P.C. Knoxville, TN

I did not see a dentist for 20 years because of anxiety. A sharp metal instrument touching my teeth is comparable to fingernails running down a chalkboard.

I suffered...but my quality of life is so much better now. I small all of the way up to my gums. There is no alternative for me

- C.F.

Six years ago after an unexpected traumatic event, I would experience vertigo when I lay back in a reclined position. After several failed attempts to solve my dental problems, I had come to the conclusion that I had only 2 choices left. The first was to just let my teeth rot out of my head. The second was to have them all pulled and replaced with dentures. I saw no other choice. My husband, family, friends, and co-workers watched as my smile went from pleasant to unattractive. Then I came across an article in the local paper. For the first time I felt hope! The actual experience of sedation surely varies for patients but for me I would describe it as relaxing fun. And after each visit I was rewarded with a new smile and new outlook on humanity. Here is the truth...but not for my doctor and his nurturing staff...I would still be walking around with decayed teeth, fear, pain, and embarrassment. They changed my life.

- E.L. Tennessee

My son had searched for this type of service. He has had two organ transplants and was looking for a dental service that would not cause him any more pain than he already had. He did not suffer at all while having his teeth worked on. I am such a chick when it comes to going to the dentist. I have had very painful visits to the dentist office in the past. I was absolutely satisfied with the way things went for me. I have some more dental work to be done and I do not have any fear of coming in and having it done. I have recommended your service to everyone that I know.

- M.G. Crossville, TN

The entire staff at Beck Dental is great-knowledgeable and helpful.

Judy S.

Dr. Beck and his staff are the most professional and kindest in the entire county.

- Linda B

I have a beautiful smile and I tell everyone how great you all are.

- LeAnn K.

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