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Teeth Whitening – Columbia, TN

Get Dramatically Whiter Teeth in No Time

Wally on Teeth Whitening

Dealing with coffee stains? Have wine, tea, and dark foods dimmed your smile? At Beck Dental Care of Columbia, you’ll be happy to know that we have a solution for you. We offer professional teeth whitening in Columbia to immediately improve the appearance of your grin. Our experienced dentists can help remove years worth of stains from your teeth with this fast and effective cosmetic service. To find out if this option is right for you, continue reading or give our friendly team a call today!

Who is a Good Candidate for Teeth Whitening?

Woman with bright smile after teeth whitening

The truth is, almost anyone that is unhappy with the color of their smile is a good candidate for teeth whitening in Columbia. Of course, the only way to know for sure is by attending a consultation with our team at Beck Dental Care of Columbia. During your appointment, we’ll review your medical history and evaluate your oral health to determine your eligibility. Based on our discussion, we’ll create a custom treatment plan to help you achieve your desired results.

How Does Teeth Whitening Work?

Man receiving Zoom! teeth whitening

At Beck Dental Care of Columbia, we’ll explain how you can choose between our Colgate Optic White Professional in-office treatment or take-home whitening kit. While both are equally capable of producing beautiful results, the timeline for each one is different. Let’s take a closer look at each option:

Take-Home Teeth Whitening

Our take-home whitening kits outperform anything you can buy at the grocery store. Many dentists say they rival the results of professional in-office treatment! In as little as one week, you can have a smile that’s several shades brighter. A significant benefit of this method is that you can whiten your teeth wherever and whenever it is convenient for you. Want to get it done in the morning? No problem. Feel like whitening before bed? Have at it. This is total whitening on your schedule.

In-Office Teeth Whitening

If you want fast results, in-office whitening treatment is the way to go. Our team will use safe and effective ingredients to quickly brighten your smile. In about an hour, your teeth will be much whiter than before! The powerful bleaching gel penetrates your enamel, removing even the most stubborn stain. 

Tips for Maintaining Your Brighter Smile

Woman sharing brilliant smile after teeth whitening

Teeth whitening in Columbia is an investment, which means you’ll want to put some effort into maintaining your results. Fortunately, it’s easier than you think to keep your smile nice and bright! Here are some tips to keep in mind:

  • Limit your exposure to dark-colored foods and drinks (i.e., soda, coffee, red wine, tea, curry)
  • Practice good oral hygiene (i.e., brushing twice a day, flossing daily, rinsing every day with an ADA-approved mouthwash)
  • Visit your dentist regularly for checkups and cleanings
  • Avoid poor dental habits (i.e., smoking, biting fingernails, using teeth as tools)
  • Inquire about at-home touch-ups to maintain your results

Understanding the Cost of Teeth Whitening

cosmetic dentist looking at patient’s smile

Do you wish your smile was just a few shades brighter? If so, you may be considering professional teeth whitening in Columbia! Of course, you likely want to know how much it’ll cost before moving forward with the process. Because every patient is unique, it’s hard to give an exact answer until you visit us for a consultation. If you’d like to learn more about which factors can influence the overall price, click on the button below or give us a call today.

Factors that Affect the Cost of Teeth Whitening

dentist discussing X-ray with patient

Teeth whitening usually comes at one set price. However, there are many factors you must take into account that will determine whether or not the process of brightening your grin will be more or less expensive. Some of those elements include:

  • Extent of Discoloration. If you have severe staining, you may need multiple sessions to achieve your desired results.
  • Necessary Preliminary Treatments. Those with issues like cavities or gum disease will need to address them before starting teeth whitening. Otherwise, the procedure could lead to further problems.
  • Presence of Veneers or Restorations. It’s worth noting that teeth whitening will not work on veneers, crowns, fillings, or restorations. To achieve a uniformly white smile, you may need to replace your dental work to ensure everything blends together seamlessly.

Types of Teeth Whitening: What Do They Cost?

patient getting teeth whitening

Each type of teeth whitening treatment comes at a different cost. Here’s what you can expect from each option:

  • In-Office Treatment. Usually, this costs somewhere between $400 and $800.
  • Take-Home Whitening Kit. You’ll be given custom-made trays and a professional whitening gel to use at home. Together, this can cost about a few hundred dollars.
  • Store-Bought Whitening Trays. You can find these trays at most stores with prices ranging from $100 or less.
  • Over-the-Counter Products. Strips, gels, and whitening toothpaste can cost from $7 to $40.

Fast Teeth Whitening vs. Inexpensive Teeth Whitening

closeup of white smile

If you’re on a budget, you may be tempted to get the most affordable option. Simply by looking at the choices above, you might wonder why professional treatments are so popular. Well, it’s important to remember that you get what you pay for!

At Beck Dental Care, we’ll use high-quality tools and ingredients to ensure you get the best results possible. Not only that, but we’ll also conduct an oral examination before your treatment to make sure your mouth is in good health. With our help, you’ll likely end up enjoying your smile more and saving money in the long run since you won’t need frequent touch-ups.

Options For Making Teeth Whitening Affordable

man pointing to white smile

Since professional teeth whitening is considered a cosmetic procedure, it’s not usually covered by dental insurance. That means you’ll need to find an alternative way to pay for your treatment. But don’t worry – our practice offers additional financing options to help you stay within your budget. Some of those include:

  • CareCredit Financing. This allows you to split up the total cost of your care into smaller monthly installments. Best of all, these payment plans usually come with little to no interest attached, helping you save the most money possible!
  • Special Offers. One of the easiest ways to save money is by taking advantage of our special offers. To stay up to date on the latest deals, make sure you visit our website regularly!

Teeth Whitening FAQs

Before and after teeth whitening in Columbia, TN

With professional whitening, you can say goodbye to dental stains and enjoy a dazzling white smile again! If you’re interested in using this cosmetic treatment to enhance your grin, please review the FAQs below. You’ll find answers to some of the most common questions that our patients have asked in the past; we hope that this gives you a clear idea of what to expect during the process. If there’s anything you want to know that isn’t discussed on this page, remember that you can always call our team at Beck Dental Care of Columbia for assistance!

Does Teeth Whitening Hurt?

Many people worry that the whitening process might be painful, but if the treatment is being performed by a professional, there’s little need to worry. There are a number of steps we can take to help you stay comfortable during the whitening process; for example, if multiple whitening sessions need to be performed, we may recommend spacing them out. If your teeth are more sensitive than normal, please let us know so that we can take that into account while planning your cosmetic treatment.

Does Teeth Whitening Damage Enamel?

The short answer is no, the gel used in professional teeth whitening will not damage healthy enamel. Having said that, the chemicals it contains can cause problems if you’re currently suffering from tooth decay or gum disease. As such, we only recommend teeth whitening for patients who are in good oral health overall.

It’s worth remembering that store-bought whitening remedies can indeed damage your teeth if you’re not careful. For example, whitening toothpaste is highly abrasive and can wear down your enamel over time. If you’re considering any over-the-counter whitening products, we highly recommend consulting with our team first.

Does Teeth Whitening Work on Dental Crowns?

Dental crowns are not made out of enamel, so they can’t be whitened the same way your teeth can. As such, if you have a discolored crown, your best option is to have it replaced with a brighter one. (We recommend that you wait to replace a crown until after your natural teeth have been whitened so that your new restoration can be shaded to match.) The good news is that you can prevent a dental crown from becoming discolored by practicing good habits such as not smoking or avoiding dark-colored beverages.

How Much Does Teeth Whitening Cost?

The answer to that question is different for every patient since the treatment is customized according to each person’s needs. Common factors that affect how much you pay include:

  • Whether you choose in-office whitening or at-home whitening.
  • The number of sessions needed to get the results you want.
  • If any restorative care is required before your treatment.

We can give you an estimate at your initial consultation after we’ve examined your mouth thoroughly. Our team will also take the time to explain the financial options that are available to make teeth whitening more affordable, letting you brighten your grin without putting too much of a strain on your wallet.