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TMJ Therapy in Columbia, TN

Man holding jaw in pain before T M J therapy

TMD is a disorder that affects the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ, of your jaw. This joint is a ball-and-socket joint like your shoulder. If something goes wrong inside the joint, this is called a temporomandibular joint disorder (TMD), and you will find yourself in discomfort or pain until it is fixed. Your dental team at Beck Dental Care of Columbia has received additional training to help them heal your TMJ and get you back to living comfortably again using a variety of specialized options for TMJ thearpy in Columbia, TN.

Symptoms of TMD

Model of skull and jawbone used to demonstrate symptoms of T M J dysfunction

Here are some of the symptoms that indicate you may have TMD:

  • Clicking in Your Jaw
  • Pain in the Jaw Joint
  • Jaw Locking Either Open or Closed
  • Painful Bite
  • Teeth Grinding
  • Migraines

Why Does TMD Cause Migraines?

Woman holding head with migraine caused by T M D

The muscles of the TMJ extend into your temple. Therefore, when there is an issue with your TMJ, you may experience migraine headaches. Your Beck Dental Care of Columbia dentist will help you find a way to relieve these terrible TMJ headaches with the right treatment.

How Can Beck Dental Care of Columbia Help My TMJ?

X-ray of jaw and skull used for T M J treatment planning

Our highly skilled dentists are able to offer custom mouthguards to take the pressure off your TMJ, allowing it to heal. Your custom mouthguard will also protect you against teeth grinding and TMD-related headaches so you can begin living pain-free again in no time.

Dr. Williams On Treating TMJ/TMD Issues