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3 Reasons You Should Have Your Wisdom Teeth Removed

December 5, 2022

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a patient visiting their dentist for wisdom tooth extraction in Columbia

If your dentist has recently informed you that you’re going to need your wisdom teeth extracted, you might be wondering if the procedure is entirely necessary; after all, it is technically a surgical procedure. However, it’s also one of the most common oral surgeries performed, as it helps to prevent future problems that often develop as a result of impacted wisdom teeth. Here’s a little more about wisdom tooth extraction in Columbia and three signs that indicate it’s time for the teeth to come out.

1. Gum Infection

One of the most frequent problems that occurs when wisdom teeth are unable to erupt through the gumline is infection. Without enough room for total eruption, the gum tissue around the wisdom teeth can become irritated and infected, resulting in swelling, recurrent pain, and potential problems with chewing and swallowing. Gum infection can lead to some pretty severe complications if it remains untreated but having the impacted wisdom teeth extracted is often a viable treatment option. Some common signs of gum infection include throbbing pain in the back of your jaw, swelling and redness, constant bad breath, and illness.

2. Cyst Formation

Non-infectious diseases might also arise if the wisdom teeth become impacted. Cysts are essentially fluid-filled “balloons” inside of the jawbone that slowly expand, resulting in damage to the jawbone and occasionally other teeth. This issue can be a little troublesome to treat if your wisdom teeth are not removed during the teenage years, and in very rare cases, tumors can develop. If you notice small lumps or liquid-filled pockets in the back of your mouth, or experience pain or swelling that impacts your ability to chew and swallow, you should contact your dentist.

3. Damage to Adjacent Teeth

If your wisdom teeth don’t have enough room inside of your mouth to erupt properly, they can place excess pressure on your surrounding teeth. This overcrowding can lead to misalignment and also even damage to the adjacent molars. If you’re experiencing new gaps between the teeth or noticing that your teeth don’t fit together as well as they used to, it might be a sign that your wisdom teeth need to come out.

In short, there are many reasons that indicate wisdom tooth extraction might be necessary, but the procedure is always going to be in the best interest of your smile and future oral health.

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